The My sCool Server is a feature-packed appliance for powering computer labs, smart classrooms and offline content e-libraries, in a never seen before avatar.

This is the one appliance that can serve as the heart of ICT in Education. Read on to see how it helps a school accomplish its pedagogical goals.

Presenting some of the key features of the My sCool Server through these short videos.

Connected computers powered by MSS

Plug and Play


The My sCool Server is a ready to use hardware appliance that you can plug into your network and instantaneously boot several computers, including low spec ones. You get fully functional desktops and applications, ideal for teaching and learning in a computer laboratory as well as smart classrooms. All this and more, without any installation or configuration required. YouTube page opens in new window

Ready to Use Curriculum Software


The pre-installed, ready-to-use curriculum conforming software on the My sCool Server ensures uniform and easy access to the tools for all students and teachers. There is no need to install and maintain individual systems. The server bundles everything that is needed by the teachers and students to teach and learn. Yet, it is open to further customization. More…

Educational Content Available Offline


It is bundled with some of the world’s best audio-visual educational content spanning virtually all subjects from the school curriculum, accessible without the internet. It houses two robust Learning Management Systems, Moodle and Kolibri to help teachers in lesson planning with digital content as well as conduct online assessments. It facilitates self-paced, blended learning as well as inverted classroom teaching methodologies. More…
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Perfect Teacher Assistant


21st century children and curriculum deserve matching tools. World-renowned monitoring and guidance tool Epoptes has been pre-packaged to assist teachers who can now monitor, screen broadcast and guide students. It facilitates equal attention to all students from a teacher’s desk. Computer laboratories can now also be laid out with more computers in a theatre arrangement, thus efficiently utilizing the limited classroom area. This also makes a 1:1 student:system ratio achievable and manageable. YouTube page opens in new window

Take Linux Home


The My sCool Server facilitates extremely easy creation of a bootable Linux USB at a click. It enables a student to practice ones Linux lessons at home, thus helping to explore further possibilities within the vast and open world of Linux. Though there is no need to install the Linux OS on the home computer, one can install from the same USB once convinced and wants to dig deep into the world of open source. YouTube page opens in new window

Multi-lingual Desktop and Content


No one must be left out from reaping the benefits of technology and digitalisation. Each My sCool Server is shipped with community driven multi-lingual support for up to three languages – English, Hindi and a regional language. The desktop interface and several pre-loaded open educational resources are available in the multiple languages. Let us all preserve our diversity while moving ahead to bridge the digital divide.

Multi-channel Support


We respect your individuality and hence offer multiple online and offline support options. Help and support is available via an online and offline user-guide in multiple languages, on-call remote support, instant chat, a rich online knowledge-base and FAQs built from user interactions, online ticketing system, real-time remote desktop support, multiple social media channels and the most powerful being – the rich Linux user community.

Environment and Pocket Friendly Technology


Adding the My sCool Server to your computer laboratory extends life of your existing hardware and reduces power consumption. By network booting of disk-less workstations, it makes client system hard-disks redundant, eventually driving down the total cost of ownership. With reduced reasons for infrastructure disruptions, there is significantly lessened need for human intervention. Hence it is a highly environment friendly and economically beneficial technology. More…

economical solution

One Click Recovery


Built in support for both internal as well as external media based recovery images gives you the peace of mind to safeguard against unforeseen system failures. Recovery images may be created for factory restore as well as any point in time system state. YouTube page opens in new window

Strong Product Foundation


It is built atop proven technologies such as Ubuntu LTS and the Linux Terminal Server Project, the same components that have empowered numerous schools the world over, all glued together in a perfect fit by the team at Recherche. A solid foundation yet is agile enough to adapt to evolving needs.

Access from Any Device


Supports remote sessions from all well known devices and operating systems enabling multi-tasking. Also systems not on the same network and hence unable to boot from the server can still remote access the server and get work done.