Introducing the My sCool Server

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Why do we need the My sCool Server?

There should be no compromise while imparting education. We believe that computer skills are as important as the fundamental skills of reading and writing and leveraging ICT tools for pedagogical delivery has several benefits.

Yet several factors ranging from affordability and complexity of infrastructure, lack of access to relevant content and shortage of adequate trainers are major hurdles. This is despite great intent, policy and efforts of all stakeholders involved – the administrators, the institutes and the teachers.

The My sCool Server is a solution for many such problems.

What is the My sCool Server?

The My sCool Server is an offline device to power a wired network of diskless computers, making all of them usable and useful instantly. It simultaneously serves computer labs, several smart classrooms as well as facilitates tablet PC based learning models. All this, while being completely adaptable to almost any pedagogical approach.

Plug and play appliance Plug and play appliance A ready to use hardware appliance that you can plug into your network and instantaneously boot all other computers to work with a fully functional desktop and applications. All this and more, without any installation or configuration of any kind or input from anyone. Networked computers Computer network with My sCool Server Computers connected to My sCool Server Computers connected to MSS starting Computers booting from My sCool Server Connected computers powered by MSS Ready to use curriculum software Ready to use curriculum software Pre-installed curriculum software ensures uniform and easy access to the tools for all students and teachers alike without being hassled with the need to install and maintain individual systems. This server bundles everything that is needed by the students and yet is open to further customisation. MSS Magic Box Gedit SciTE Eye of Gnome Image viewer File Manager Evolution Rhythm Box Libreoffice / Openoffice Writer Vim Ubuntu logo Synfig Studio Mozilla Firefox GIMP Libreoffice / Openoffice Calc Spreadsheet Libreoffice/Openoffice Base Totem Player Libreoffice / Openoffice Impress Take Linux home Take Linux home Facilitates creation of bootable USB at a click. It enables a student to practice ones Linux lessons at home as one would do in the school lab and explore further possibilities within the vast open world of Linux. No need to install the Linux OS on the home computer. Just plug it in and get started. Create Take Home Linux Media Hand clicking mouse right Media creation in progress... Media created successfuly House Path to home Student taking Linux home Perfect teaching assistant 21st century teaching assistant 21st century curriculum needs matching tools. World-renowned monitoring and guidance tool Epoptes has been prepackaged to assist teachers who can now monitor, screen broadcast, guide students and give equal attention to all from their own desk. Teacher happy with My sCool Server Computers on table Spot under boy Student in orange Spot under boy Girl student in pink Spot under boy Male student in maroon Spot under boy Girl student in purple Epoptes used by teacher Teacher happy with My sCool Server offline content One click recovery One click recovery Built in support for both internal as well as external media based recovery images gives you the peace of mind to safeguard against unforeseen system failures. Recovery images may be created for factory restore as well as any point in time system state. SYSTEM CORRUPTED Boot From Hard Disk Hand clicking mouse right Recovery in progress... System Restored Environment and pocket friendly technology Environment and pocket friendly technology Extends life of your existing hardware and reduces power consumption. By network booting of disk-less workstations, it makes client system hard-disks redundant, eventually driving down the total cost of ownership. Hence it is a highly environment friendly and economically beneficial technology. Educational content available offline Quality educational content available offline As a bonus, it comes bundled with some of the world's best audio-visual educational content spanning virtually all subjects from the school curriculum, accessible without the need to connect to the internet. Now teachers and students can expand their knowledge horizons at their convenience. Internet Khan Academy Rachel Offline Spoken Tutorial No connection Computer Monitor Khan Academy Rachel Offline Spoken Tutorial Student happy with My sCool Server offline content Teacher happy with My sCool Server offline content Strong product foundation Strong product foundation It is built atop proven technologies such as Ubuntu LTS and the Linux Terminal Server Project, the same components that have empowered numerous schools the world over, all glued together in a perfect fit by the team at Recherche. A solid foundation yet is agile enough to adapt to evolving needs. Blue Bricks LTSP Project Yellow Bricks Ubuntu Grey Bricks My sCool Server encircled Access from any device Access from any device Supports remote sessions from all well known devices and operating systems enabling multi-tasking. Also systems not on the same network and hence unable to boot from the server can still remote access the server and get work done. MSS Link for dektop and tablet MSS link for mobile Enabling MSS login for mobiles Enabling MSS login for desktop and tablet Microsoft Windows Desktop iOS iPhone Android Tablet My sCool Server Appliance - Swtiched On My sCool Server Appliance - Switched Off Desktop login screen for MSS via RDP Mobile login screen for MSS via RDP Tablet PC login screen for MSS via RDP student1 ******** student2 ******** teacher ******** Desktop computer Tablet PC Mobile phone * Hover to pause between slides * Use 2 fingers to scroll beyond the product features.

Ideal For

Out of the box and customisable versions available for most computer lab scenarios.

Key Benefits


No knowledge of installing, configuring or updating your computer required. Teaching can start instantly with pre-loaded content and software tools.


An integrated platform to host training web-content offline. No internet required to access 10000+ world-class audio-visual, interactive educational resources.


In a lab setup, broadcast lessons to each student’s desk. Close monitoring, one-to-one communication and attention to every student’s progress is possible.

Institutes Empowered

These esteemed institutes have embraced the next generation, Linux powered, plug ‘n play appliance, for educating the future of our world

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