Our Mission

Recherche Tech is committed to make computer literacy and digital inclusion affordable and achievable for all.
We relentlessly innovate solutions by adaptation and distribution of open educational resources and pedagogical tools that simplify ICT adoption in education.

The Motivation

Herein, below we briefly present the key factors that lead to the innovation of the My sCool Server and which keep us motivated towards our mission.

Computer literacy in India is at an abysmal low of < 7%.

Minimum 500 million youth shall be entering the workforce in the next decade.

At least 70% of jobs shall need skilled labour and at a minimum 50% of these will require computer literacy of varying levels.

To fuel this mammoth demand, the government, the industries and all stakeholders shall need innovative, yet affordable solutions.

The My sCool Server has been custom built and packaged, keeping in mind the challenges that the administrators and students face in the wake of an ever evolving, fast-paced literary landscape. It is for those who do not compromise on the quality of tools they use to educate the next generation of our world.

Our Vision

We believe that we can bridge the digital divide to help establish equity in education and create all round developmental opportunities for learners across the globe.

The Organisation

Small logo of Recherche Tech

Derived from French, Recherché literally means ‘carefully sought out’. It is an adjective, meaning rare, exotic or obscure.

Recherche Tech LLP exists with the sole purpose of unearthing the exotic and obscure technologies with the help of deep research. We innovate with them to create products and solutions for adoption of ICT in education for the benefit of the masses.

The Team


Shrenik Bhura

Co-Founder, CEO

Shrenik has over a decade of experience in satisfying customers while delivering solutions based on the opensource eco-system ranging from infrastructure to ERP. An ardent lean process practitioner, open source evangelist, thorough technocrat and a serial entrepreneur. Over the years he has also helped . . .

Shrenik Bhura

. . . a few startups find their footing with his technical acumen. His core strengths are an ability to identify the latent potential in ideas, perseverance and quality delivery.

Recherche Tech LLP is his first stride into the education segment and My sCool Server is the product that he is determined to take to every school that deserves to be empowered. For him this is a beginning of a revolution that shall change the way the masses embrace computing at school and at work.


Jigish Gohil

Co-Founder, Chief Product Architect

For Jigish, no technical challenge in the Linux system administration domain is big enough with proven skills at his own firm Cyberorg Info for over a decade. He is always ready to help and a role model for those aspiring to build a career around open source consulting. Some of his amazing . . .

Jigish Gohil

. . . creations are openSUSE Education Li-f-e: Linux for Education distribution and KIWI-LTSP: Linux Terminal Server using Kiwi imaging technology which also form the core of his brain-child – the My sCool Server.

A GSOC 2008 mentor and visiting faculty at Maharaja Sayajirao University of Vadodara, his name is synonymous with Linux in Vadodara. We would ‘unofficially’ and proudly attribute to him the record of maximum number of single handed Linux installations in his town.
At Recherche, he is the go-to man for ensuring that the latest and best open source software relevant for the educational context makes it to the schools via the MSS.