We are humbly proud to share some user reviews. Hear from them how the My sCool Server has impacted their lives for the better.

Parikshit Jolly
Sr. Manager ( I.T.), Kamala Rani Sanghi Public School, Kutch, Bhuj, Gujarat

Appreciate the efforts put by the development team for developing such an excellent teaching application. It helps a Lab admin to manage a computer lab with less effort. Content provided covers the subject and are useful in educating children with examples and videos available. Screen sharing provides basic necessary tool for teachers to interact effectively with students while explaining the course content.
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Malhar Raval
Social Studies Teacher, C. I. Patel Higher Seondary School, Kalol, Gandhinagar

Subjects like history can get quite boring for students. But when accompanied with audio visual content, to depict leaders and historical movements, the students get engaged. When I complete a lesson and ask questions, I get prompt responses. This is a very positive thing. With personal accounts, the teachers maintain the contents securely and can access them in any (smart) classroom. We no longer have to carry the CDs with us as all the content has been loaded onto the My sCool Server.
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Dipika Trivedi
Computer Teacher, C. I. Patel Higher Seondary School, Kalol, Gandhinagar

The ability to load custom content on the My sCool Server has helped us while teaching with audio visual aids using the smart class infrastructure. The preloaded content in multiple language is being used as reference material. The individual teacher accounts allow us to manage our content easily and yet simultaneously use different contents for teaching in different classes.
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Fr. Charles Aruldass
Principal, St. Xavier's High School, Loyola Hall, Ahmedabad

The My sCool Server has replaced around 4 large servers to run 70 computers simultaneously. Its compact form just amazes me. It has all the software needed for grades 1 to 12. However, we are using it for classes 9 to 12 as of now. This also means significant cost savings. We have successfully completed this academic year for 10th and 12th very smoothly with the help of this device. The teachers and students are very happy with the MSS and I would recommend it to be in every school.
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Anjum Bano Razvi
Principal, Chhipa Welfare Girls High School, Jamalpur, Ahmedabad

Computer subject is compulsory in our school for classes 10 and 12, as we feel that education without computer literacy is meaningless. Since the My sCool Server’s installation, our computer lab has become even more efficient. Now we can easily scale our infrastructure. My students, teachers and myself are totally satisfied with the My sCool Server. Thanks.

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Neha Kaushal
Computer Teacher, Higher Secondary, Gyanda Girls' High School, Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad

Our external dependency has been greatly reduced. The My sCool Server is loaded with everything we need to teach as per the curriculum. Earlier we had to constantly call the computer maintenance person to ensure that the correct software was loaded and working. Now there is no such need. Everything just works.

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Parthvi Shah
Computer Instructor, Sec. & H. Sec. School, Shreyas Foundation, Ahmedabad

Guiding each student on their individual systems was very difficult earlier. Now with the My sCool Server, with central monitoring and broadcasting, guiding students has become very easy. Systems no longer hang and the lab sessions are very smooth. Now students have individual login ids. There is continuity in their learning even when they come to the lab after a break.

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Nazima Mansuri
Computer Teacher, Chhipa Welfare Girls' High School, Jamalpur, Ahmedabad

It’s a very useful device for students and they are very happy with it. We, as teachers, have also learnt a lot from it. Thanks to the My sCool Server, we have got an opportunity to teach and learn like never before.

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Rahul Pandey
Computer Teacher, St. Xavier's High School, Loyola Hall, Ahmedabad

I used broadcasting feature and I will have to say it is indeed powerful. I was initially reluctant but… Just loved it. I also used the live USB creation tool to create a replica of the customized Ubuntu education OS. It helps me deliver my theory lectures by showing the real software tools even when away from the lab. Students have been able to practice certain tools such as Synfig Studio without any glitches for the first time.

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Jagrutiben Patel
Principal, Gyanda Girls' High School, Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad

We are very satisfied by the training, follow-up and attention given by the My sCool Server team. They have been in constant touch to ensure that the solution is being used properly and have always been helpful to ensure that the computer lab sessions in our school are conducted absolutely smoothly.