Complementing the user guide, herein are a collection of bite-sized video guides for the My sCool Server users to help accomplish day-to-day tasks. The captions, that also serve as instructions, are available in multiple languages. Whether you own an MSS already or are availing the free-trial, we encourage you to explore each of these to understand the true potential of the MSS.

Getting Started

Getting started with the My sCool Server includes five simple steps and can be easily accomplished by anyone by following the videos in sequence herein.

User Management

The My sCool Server makes true personalised computing and individual evaluation a reality. It allows creation and management of unlimited user accounts for students and teachers.

Monitoring, Broadcasting and Support

Empowering the teacher is one key purpose of the My sCool Server.
Epoptes, a monitoring and broadcasting tool to assist teachers in imparting lessons, has been pre-integrated onto the MSS.

Offline Content Hosting Platform

The My sCool Server comes pre-configured with a ready to use web server to help you host your content and make it available on the local network.

Creation of Live Li-f-e USB

Li-f-e: Linux for Education OS image is included on the server and can be used to create a bootable media within a few clicks or by following a few simple instructions.

Backup and Restore

We understand that accidents happen and that everyone deserves a second chance. Herein are a few ways the MSS helps you build a safety net so that you can explore computing freely.

Availing Remote Support

Support is only a few clicks and a phone call away. We believe that problems should be addressed instantaneously because teaching and learning cannot wait for anything.

For more videos and guides you may visit our YouTube channel or browse through our rich Knowledge Base or simply reach out to us via any of the support channels.