One Device - Three Avataars

The My sCool Server is designed to function as the heart of the ICT infrastructure in a learning environment

Computer Lab

  • Powers up to 70 disk-less PCs simultaneously
  • Works with existing hardware (min config – Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, Fast ethernet, no HDD)
  • Personalised login and desktop for each individual for learning continuity
  • Student monitoring, remote guidance and lesson broadcasting tool integrated
  • Pre-loaded with IT tools to suit any computer curriculum
  • Concurrence with computer books from leading publishers
  • Take home, the OS and all software for practice, in a few clicks
  • Facilitates teacher training with pre-loaded multi-lingual training material
  • Multi-lingual learning environment with a focus on social and cultural inclusion

Smart Class

Digital Library

  • Serve an offline, secure digital library with rich content without the risks of the Internet
  • Enable omni-access to the hosted content for the students over hand-held devices
  • Simulate online research and learning in a controlled offline environment
  • Load custom content to create your institute’s customised digital library
  • Track each learner’s foot-print and progress
  • On demand updatable content modules when connected to the Internet