One MSS - Three Avataars

The My sCool Server is an all-in-one information, communications and technology solution that satisfies an educational institute’s need to support the pedagogical context. It can simultaneously serve a no compromise computer lab, several interactive smart classes and an e-library for all grades from K-12.

Herein, let us have a quick overview of its various avataars and what each is capable of.

Computer Lab

  • Powers up to 70 disk-less PCs simultaneously
  • Works with existing hardware (min config – Core 2 Duo / Cortex A72 (ARM v8), 2 GB RAM, Gigabit ethernet, no storage)
  • A personalised login and desktop for each individual for learning continuity
  • Student monitoring, remote guidance and lesson broadcasting tool integrated
  • Pre-loaded with IT tools to suit any computer curriculum
  • Concurrence with computer books from leading publishers
  • Take home, the OS and all software for practice, in a few clicks
  • Facilitates teacher training with pre-loaded multi-lingual training material
  • Multi-lingual learning environment with a focus on social and cultural inclusion

Smart Class

  • Offline access to world class Open Educational Resources (OERs)
  • Pre-integrated platforms for lesson planning and tracking syllabus coverage
  • Built-in interactiveenabled by portable Wacom graphics tablet white-board module based on feature rich OpenBoard
  • Precise control of white-board content from anywhere in the class YouTube page opens in new window
  • Facilitates collaboration and participation among students
  • Custom content hosting platform
  • Facilitates self-paced, blended and/or inverted classroom learning models
  • Conduct online assessments and track real-time progress of students
  • Dedicated login and personalised account for each teacher
  • Accompanied with comprehensive tool guides and documentation

Digital Library

  • Serve an offline, secure digital library without the risks of the Internet
  • Enable omni-access to the hosted content for the students over hand-held devices
  • Simulate online research and learning in a controlled offline environment
  • Load custom content to create a rich digital library
  • Track each learner’s foot-print and progress
  • On demand updatable content modules when connected to the Internet

Heart of ICT infrastructure for education

The My sCool Server is designed to function as the heart of the ICT infrastructure in a learning environment. All this at an unprecedented low total cost of ownership and an amazingly quick return on investment.

Herein is a technical render of how a school looks with the MSS at the heart of its ICT infrastructure.

My sCool Server as the heart of ICT in Education infrastructure image
My sCool Server as the heart of ICT in Education infrastructure - Concept Diagram