Mandatory Computer Education in Grades 10 and 12

In our school, the computer subject has been compulsory for classes 10 and 12. We feel that education without computer literacy is meaningless. In many schools they have computer education till class 9 but it becomes optional for 10th and 12th. We have made it compulsory in the best interest of students. If a student bags a government job and has computer subject in class 12th, then they don’t need to take CCC certification. So studying computers in class 12 is equivalent to CCC.

Improved Productivity & Efficiency

Over the years, we grew our computer lab from 10 to 25 computers. Now, with your involvement and the My sCool Server’s installation, our computer lab has become even more productive and efficient.

Easy to Scale and Future Ready

At any given time, some of our systems used to be non-functional. Now most such issues have been resolved. Hence, we can now easily scale our infrastructure without any fear.

My students, teachers and myself are totally satisfied with the My sCool Server. Thanks.

– Anjum Bano Razvi, Principal, Chhipa Welfare Girls High School, Jamalpur, Ahmedabad