Custom Content Platform

The audio-visual content CDs which we used to earlier use are now loaded onto the MSS that is accessible from any of the smart classrooms. We no longer need to carry around the audio-visual content media. We prefer using such content to make our lessons interesting for the students.

Better Learning Outcomes

Subjects like history can get quite boring for students. But when accompanied with audio visual content, to depict leaders and historical movements, the students get engaged. When I complete a lesson and ask questions, I get prompt responses. This is a very positive thing.

Secure Credentials

Each teacher has their respective login credentials which helps us prepare and keep our content secure. We can access the content from any class that we teach in. Only I can access my content and use it as and when I want it.


– Malhar Raval, Social Studies Teacher, C. I. Patel Higher Seondary School, Kalol, Gandhinagar