Minimizes External Dependency

The My sCool Server is loaded with everything we need to teach as per the curriculum. Earlier we had to constantly call the computer maintenance person to ensure that the correct software was loaded and working. Now there is no such need. Everything just works.

Continuity in Teaching and Learning

All our data is now secure due to individual login ids. Also central storage of data allows us to sit anywhere. Hence, there is continuity in the teaching and learning process. Now students find their data just as they had left it.

Reach to Teach

We had to earlier install individual systems with the operating system and applications. We tried that on Linux as well as Windows but it was not easy to run the computer lab. Now everything that I need to teach such ass C, C++ and Java are all available immediately without having to do anything additional.

We are really happy with the My sCool Server.


– Neha Kaushal, Computer Teacher, Higher Secondary, Gyanda Girls’ High School, Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad