Personalised Learning

Before the MSS, they always had issues with finding their files. Now students are able to save and easily organise their files. Such problems are no longer there as each student has their own login id.

Personalised Teaching

Earlier it was not possible to properly monitor and guide each student as we could not see what each one was doing. Now with monitoring facility on the My sCool Server, we are able to give personal attention to each student’s progress.

Pre-installed Curriculum Software

We had to rely on an external person each time to fix our systems and install software required for teaching. With the My sCool Server, we have everything pre-installed and readily available. Now there is no need to call anyone for the same.

Support and Training

We have got a lot of attention and training from the MSS support team. They have been very helpful. Whenever we had any queries, they have guided us promptly. In the process, we as teachers, have also learnt a lot.


– Nazima Mansuri, Computer Teacher, Chhipa Welfare Girls’ High School, Jamalpur, Ahmedabad