NCERT content available on the MSS for offline access and wider impact

The My sCool Server team as of January, 2018, concluded a joint exercise with the CIET, NCERT and HBCSE (Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education) team. The core objective and outcome of the same was to make the NROER, ePathshala, ITPD and ICT Curricula portals available offline on the MSS.

With such rich content being made available offline on the My sCool Server, it has become even more potent. The MSS now becomes even a more compelling tool for schools which are forward-thinking and speedily want to progress on the path of creative and collaborative education. Now the lack of reliable Internet connectivity is no longer a road-block to self-train as well as impart interactive and engaging education to the students.

Upholding opensource

Benefits of open source in education

There are many benefits of open source software to students, teachers and education institutes. Open source adoption in education shall give each stakeholder control over its computer resources. It shall help one to make informed choices for their future, be it individual or collective. It shall help our societies thrive with collaborative innovation. Let’s delve further…

Lucarative career opportunities image

Lucrative career opportunities

Several business and government organisations have embraced open source software. And cost savings are not the only reason. They see its value in better security, quality, customisation, zero vendor lock-in, interoperability by virtue of adherence to open standards and auditability. Hence, proficiency in Linux and open source technologies opens up lucrative career opportunities. Linux on the…

Lower costs even with increase in quality and efficiency image

Affordable computing at student homes

More the time spent practising at a computer, better is the usage skill. Unfortunately, computer usage skill is measured as the ability to run some popular proprietary software even today. Not every student has access to a sufficiently powerful computer to run such software. As schools across the country include computer skills in the curriculum, parents feel compelled to…